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This year 2023 we expect will be a year of turmoil for the US, Israel and much of the world as Jesus Christ's return becomes ever closer and the rise of an anti-Christ gets closer.
At we continue to monitor world events as they happen and modern day prophets. Armageddon with Christ's immediate return could still happen within the next 17 years (prior to 2035).
Christ will come to Judge all men and women. The time is getting shorter every week. Do Not take an RFID Chip into your body.

Do we really think the European, Middle East turmoil and USA Economic Disasters are going to be solved and return the World will return to the "good old days" or is the rise of a charismatic anti-Christ Dictator now happening in the United States or TURKEY RIGHT NOW ? We don't know exactly as events unfold, it's certainly possible.
Those Australians who do not commit their lives to Christ in the next 14 years will spend eternity in HELL. This is a horrendous outcome. On Judgement Day other religions will be shown to be a monstrous and outrageous LIE.

Am I prepared to share the true Gospel, the message of Jesus Christ's sacrifice for my sins with my fellow Australians?
OR is MY next overseas holiday or MY CAREER or MY BEAUTIFUL HOME More important to me?



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We believe this one of the best Australian Christian Directories in Australia. We've put a great deal of effort into this Christian Website Directory to help Christians in Australia.

Australian Christian Apologetic & Prophecy Sites
Australian Christian Web sites for Bible Societies in the South Pacific
Australian Christian Bible Colleges
Australian Christian Education See also Christian Schools below
Australian Christian Churches
Australian Christian Conference Centres
Australian Christian Employment Services / Jobs
Australian Christian Financial Services
Australian Christian Funeral Services
Australian Christian Magazines
Australian Christian Media Organisations
Australian Christian Music
Australian Christian Radio Stations
Australian Christian Miscellaneous and Other Organisations
Australian Christian Publishers
Australian Christian Resources
Australian Christian Schools
Australian Christian Sports Organisations
Australian Christian Support Organisations
Australian Christian Evangelistic Websites
Australian Evangelistic Websites for Jews
Australian Christian Mission and Evangelistic Organisations
Australian Christian Friend Finder and Activities
Australian Christian Ministries to Women
Australian Christian Youth
International Prophecy Sites

Christian Apologetic Sites
  • Who is Jesus
  • Apologetics.Org
  • Apologetics Research Centre
  • Christian Apologetics & Research Center (CARM)
  • Leader U
  • Share the Gospel (Evangelism Toolbox)
  • Every Student

    Christian Bible Societies in the South Pacific
  • The Bible Society of Australia
  • Bible Society - New South Wales - Aust
  • Bible Society in New Zealand
  • Japanese Bible Society
  • Indonesia Bible Society
  • Philippine Bible Society
  • Singapore Bible Society
  • Bible Society of the South Pacific

  • Bibles for Australia
  • Prison Epistles
  • Scripture Union, Australia
  • Pocket Testament League - Australia
  • Top 20 Christian ebooks

    Bible Colleges and Institutes
  • Bible College of Victoria
  • Harvest Bible College, Victoria
  • Ridley College, Victoria
  • Wycliffe Bible Translators, Victoria
  • Whitley College, Victoria

  • Australian College of Ministries, Castle Hill
  • Moore (Anglican) Theological College, Sydney
  • Morling (Baptist) Theological College, Sydney
  • Macquarie Christian Studies Institute Ltd, Macquarie University, Sydney
  • Grace Bible Believing Church, Newcastle
  • Hillsong College, Sydney
  • Mary Andrews College (for women), Sydney
  • Presbyterian Theological Centre, Sydney
  • Sydney Missionary and Bible College, Sydney
  • Tabor College, Sydney & Adelaide
  • Excelsia College (ex Wesley Institute) - Sydney

  • Queensland Theological College
  • Citipointe College - Carindale, Brisbane
  • Grace Bible Institute, Brisbane
  • Mackay Christian College
  • Nazarene Theological College, Australia
  • Sunshine Coast Theological College, Buderim

    South Australia
  • Bible College of South Australia
  • Adelaide College of Divinity, South Australia

    Western Australia
  • Harvest Bible College, WA Campus
  • West Australian Bible College.

  • Australian College of Theology
  • Youth with a Mission - YWAM, ACT

  • Cornerstone Community, Australia
  • Moriah School of Ministry, Australia
  • Online Bible College, Australia
  • Reformed Theological College, Australia
  • Tyndale Bible College, Australia
  • Unity College, Australia
  • Vision Internet Bible College, Macquarie Fields, Australia
  • World Changers College of Ministry

  • International School of Ministry

    ISOM is the world's largest video Bible school with more than 20,000 training sites in 150 nations.

    Christian Education web sites

  • Anglican Education Commission
  • Australian Christian Forum on Education
  • Christian Schools Australia - 09 0887 1699
  • Council for Christian Education in Schools
  • Shoalhaven Employers of Christian Education
  • Macquarie Christian Studies Institute

    Christian Churches web sites

  • Australian Anglican Churches Anglican Churches in Australia
  • Australian Baptist Churches Australian Baptist Churches
  • Australian Assemblies of God Churches Assemblies of God Churches
  • Christian city churches & Community churches in NSW & QLD Christian city & Community churches
  • Seventh Day Adventist Church
  • Christian churches -

  • Baptist Chaplains Fellowship of NSW
  • Australian Baptist Women
  • Baptist Women Ministries of QLD
  • Baptist Women Fellowship of NSW
  • Baptist Union of NSW
  • Baptist Union of Australia
  • Australian churches: A List
  • New Frontiers Churches ( Brighton, South Africa, Dubai, India, Shanghai, New Zealand )
  • Salvation Army
  • NSW Council of Churches
  • Newtown Uniting Church, Sydney

    Christian Conference Centres /Retreats
  • Hillsong Convention Centre - Baulkham Hills
  • Katoomba Christian Convention Centre - Katoomba
  • Katoomba Youth Convention - Katoomba
  • Merroo Christian Centre - 1 hour from Sydney
  • Noonaweena - Kulnura, NSW
  • Pacific Lodge - Cooma, NSW
  • The Tops, Stanwell Tops - 1 hour south of Sydney, NSW
  • Uniting Conference Centres - Parramatta, Lane Cove, Kurrajong, Bonny Hills
  • Email Wesley Mission for details on Wesley Conference Centre
  • YouthWorks Conference Centres, Sydney
  • Venue Finder

    Christian Employment Services
  • Christian Careers . Com
  • Christian Jobs Australia - Truly Excellent
  • Salvation Army Jobs Plus Site

    Christian Financial Services
  • EIG Ansvar - General Insurance, Victoria
  • Christian Super, Sutherland, Sydney
  • Multisure General Insurance Brokers, Sydney

    Christian Funeral Services
  • Albert & Meyer
  • Hills Family Funerals - Baulkham Hills

    Christian Magazine web sites
  • Alive Magazine
  • Anglican Voice Online Magazine
  • Footprints - Christian Magazine for Australian Women
  • Shoot the Messenger
    00000 This E-zine aims to resource and empower those living out & communicating the Gospel in postmodern society and to provide an alternative critique of popular culture.
  • Sight Magazine - Christian News
  • Sign of the Times - SDA Monthly Magazine
  • The Salvation Army (War cry online newspaper)
  • Southern Cross - free Newspaper of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney

    Christian Media Organisations web sites
  • ABC Radio National - religious programs
  • Anglican Media Sydney
  • Anglican Media Melbourne
  • Australian Church Record
  • Australian Christian Channel
  • Australian Christian Lobby - Pray for Jim Wallace as he continues to support Christian values
  • Australasian Religious Press Association
  • Christian Audio and Video, Victoria
  • Christians in the Media
  • Christian Multimedia, Sydney
  • CTA (Christian Television Association)
  • Christian Television Australia
  • Christian Media Network, Australia
  • Focus
  • Hillsong TV
  • Matthias Media
  • Southern Cross
  • Sydney Anglicans Net - Film Review

    Australian Christian Music web sites
  • Worldwide Christian Artist Directory
  • Australian Christian Artists Network
  • Australian Christian Music
  • Blackstump Music Festival
  • Christian Drummers Association
  • Discount Christian Music Products (CMP)
  • Planetshakers Festival (Melbourne)
  • the Rock across Australia

  • A Sharp Recording Studio - Sydney
  • SaltLight Recording Label

    Australian Christian Artists and Bands web sites
  • Alabaster Box Alabaster Box - Christian Band on the Gold Coast, QLD
  • Audience Audience
  • Antiskeptic Antiskeptic
  • Aslandia Aslandia
  • Attic Online Music Venue Attic Online
  • The Band that follows Jesus The Band that follows Jesus
  • Russell Baker Russell Baker
  • Blind Blind
  • Breath of Life Breath of Life - Peter Stacey
  • Bretheren HQ Bretheren HQ
  • Colin Buchanan Colin Buchanan
  • Citrus Citrus - Christian Acoustic Band
  • Jason Coghill Jason Coghill
  • Paul Coleman Paul Coleman
  • Paul Coleman Trio Paul Coleman Trio
  • Compliments of Gus Compliments of Gus
  • Andy James Court Andy James Court
  • The Doomsday Preachers The Doomsday Preachers
  • Fishbait Fishbait
  • Jess Hammond Jess Hammond
  • John Hemans John Hemans
  • Highly Exalted Highly exalted is his name
  • Inside Out Inside Out
  • Jael Jael
  • Maxi Praise Maxi Praise
  • Mike McCarthy Mike McCarthy
  • Law Ministries Law Ministries
  • Bec Mesiti Bec Mesiti
  • Reuban Morgan Reuban Morgan
  • Mustard Records Mustard Records
  • Narollah Narollah
  • New Testament New Testament
  • Newsboys Newboys
  • Melvin Tan Melvin Tan
  • Nathan Tasker Nathan Tasker
  • Playjerise Playjerise
  • Rocketdogrock Rocketdogrock
  • Rookie Rookie
  • Smallhouse Records Small House Records
  • Ubiquitous Ubiquitous
  • Unda Ground HQ music venue Unda Ground HQ
  • Roma Waterman Roma Waterman

    Christian Radio Stations web sites
  • Hope 103.2 (Sydney) - Christian Radio Station "Highly Recommended - Hope 1032 AUDIO STREAMS across the Internet"

  • ------------- (Sydney) - Christian Radio - Kids Praise
  • 96.5 FM - Brisbane - Christian Radio Station
  • ABC Radio - National - religious programs
  • United Christian Broadcasters Australia
  • Biblebelievers Radio Broadcasts
  • Bible Radio
  • Freshradio (Sydney)
  • Gippsland Radio (Victoria) - LIFE FM
  • Vision Radio Network Australia
  • Vision FM ( 7 Christian Stations across Australia)

    Miscellaneous and Other Organisation web sites
  • A Glimpse of Heaven and Hell - Ian McCormack
  • The Amazing Bible
  • Near Death Experiences - The Final Frontier
  • Aussie Christians Online
  • Anglican Church League - Australia
  • Bible Family Tree - US site
  • A Christian Science site - Robert Stening

  • Australian Catholic Anti Slavery Network
  • Christian Mentoring - John Mallison
  • Christian Resources Exhibition (Format under review)
  • Christian Mousepads for your PC
  • Christian Speakers

  • Christian Music in Australia
  • Church Army Australia
  • Common Dreams Seminar
  • Communicare - Sydney
  • Crossroads Christian Fellowship for the Disabled.

  • Festival of Light - Fred Nile
  • Free Christians Australia
  • God Surfer
  • Graceworld 13
  • Passion Play - Turramurra Uniting Church - every year in March.

  • Thankgiving Day
  • Victorious Ministry through Christ
  • Willow Creek Australia
  • Witch turns to Jesus Christ
  • Your Destiny Your Choice.

    Christian Resources & Publishers web sites
  • Australian Institute of Family Counselling
  • History of World from a Biblical Perspective
  • Chinese Church Support Ministries
  • Christian Media Resources
  • Christian Resources Savings Plus
  • Christian Resource Specialists
  • Christian Mentoring - John Mallison
  • Cleansing Stream Ministries
  • Ellel Ministries, Menangle
  • Family Wellness Australia
  • Growthworks DVD 10 wk Small Group Study
  • Institute in Basic Life Principles
  • Khesed Ministries
  • Koorong Books - Order on Line
  • Kristos Christian Distribution - 9785 2310
  • Life Support Coaching for Church teams
  • NSW Right to Life (Evangelicals for Life)

  • FREE & DISCOUNTED STUFF- Ministry Blue

    Pornography is sweeping the known world like a tidal wave of destructive evil.

    “Imagine a drug so powerful it can destroy a family simply by distorting a man’s perception of his wife.
    Picture an addiction so lethal it has the potential to render an entire generation incapable of forming a lasting
    marriage and so widespread that it produces an insane level of annual revenue — $100 billion worldwide.
    An online statistics firm has estimated 40 million people use this drug called Porn on a regular basis
    This is the PORNOGRAPHY and ITS VERY VERY DANGEROUS" Submitted by an anonyomous author.

  • The Dangers of Pornography to Men and Society - Just 1 click away
  • Escaping the Pornography Trap

  • Open Book Australia, Adelaide
  • Perspective Online
  • Positive Action for Christ, Grafton
  • Purpose Driven Ministries - 40 days of Purpose
  • Resourcing the Church
  • The Story Factory
  • Word Bookshop - Order on Line

    Christian Schools
  • Australian Association of Christian Schools
  • Christian Schools Australia

  • Bangor Inaburra School
  • Bourke - Koinonia Christian Academy Phone 02 - 6872 2944
  • Bourke Cornerstone Community Schools - Pera Bore and Bourke
  • Christian Community school at Riverstone, phone 02- 9627 4144
  • Coffs Harbour Christian Community School
  • Coverdale Christian School
  • Dubbo Cornerstone Community Schools - Burrabadine and Dubbo
  • Dunmore Lang Christian Community School , phone 02 6543 1114
  • Essington Christian Academy - Westmead , phone 02 9689 1138
  • Gosford Christian School
  • Goulburn Junior College , Phone 02 - 4822 2832
  • Green Point Christian College
  • Greenacre Baptist Christian Community School
  • Hunter Christian School
  • Jervis Bay Christian Community School Phone 02 - 4441 7983
  • Lake Macquarie Christian College Phone 02 - 4959 9111
  • Lakeside Christian College TWEED HEADS
  • Liberty College
  • Maitland Christian School
  • Mamre Christian College ERSKINE PARK
  • Medowie Christian School Phone 02 - 4981 7177
  • Moree Christian Community School
  • Mount Annan Christian College
  • Murwillumbah Christian College Phone 02 - 6672 4585
  • Nambucca Valley Christian Community School
  • Northcross Christian School
  • Northern Beaches Christian School
  • Nowra Christian School
  • Oxford Falls Grammar School
  • Pacific Hills Christian School
  • Pacific Hills Christian School Pacific Hills Christian School, Dural
  • Parkes Christian School, Back Trundle Road - Phone 02 - 6862 4164
  • Penrith Christian Community School
  • Regents Park Christian Community High School
  • Sherwood Cliffs Christian School, 1756 Sherwood Creek Road, Glenreagh - Phone 02 - 6649 2139
  • Singleton Christian College
  • Snowy Mountains Christian School, COOMA NORTH - Phone 02 - 6452 4333
  • South Granville Christian Community School. Phone 02 - 9892 2480
  • Southern Cross Baptist Church Christian School, ENGADINE 02 - 9520 3911
  • St Andrew's Christian Community School, CLARENZA VIA GRAFTON
  • St Bishoy Coptic Orthodox College, 53 Methven Street, MT DRUITT
  • St George Christian School
  • St Mary and St Mina's Coptic Orthodox College
  • Summerland Christian College
  • Sydney Adventist College Sydney Adventist College, Strathfield
  • Taree Christian Community School, 423 Kolodong Road, TAREE 02 - 6552 3177
  • The Coast Christian School
  • Toongabbie Christian School, 40 Metella Road, TOONGABBIE 02 - 9688 2952
  • Wyong Christian Community School
  • Yanginanook School, Bundaleer Street, BELROSE phone 02 - 9450 1027


  • Cairns Christian College
  • Caloundra Christian College
  • Calvary Christian College
  • Central Queensland Christian College
  • Christian Outreach College - Brisbane
  • Christian Outreach College - Toowoomba
  • Cooloola Christian College
  • Dalby Christian School
  • Emerald Christian College
  • Emmanuel College
  • Faith Baptist Christian School Phone 07 - 4978 2850
  • Genesis Christian College
  • Glasshouse Country Christian College
  • Good Shepherd Christian School Phone 07 - 3264 3476 ext 35
  • Groves Christian College
  • Staines Memorial College (Norton Sands - Principal)
  • Whitsunday Christian College


  • Bairnsdale Christian Community School, Bairnsdale
  • Flinders Christian Community College, Carrum Downs
  • Hillcrest Christian College, 500 Soldiers Road, VICTORIA
  • Heatherton Christian College, HEATHERTON, VIC
  • Kerang Christian Community School, 98 Wyndham Street, KERANG
  • Lighthouse Christian College, 927-937 Springvale Road, KEYSBOROUGH
  • Mildura Baptist College, Cnr. Karadoc Avenue and 17th Street, IRYMPLE 03 5024 5310
  • Moonee Vale Christian School, 21-25 Gladstone Street, MOONEE PONDS 03 9370 3142
  • Mount Carmel Christian School, RMB 2046 Streets Road, WODONGA 02 6056 2288
  • Northside Christian College, BUNDOORA
  • Open House Christian School, 70 Kingsway Drive, LALOR, 03 9464 5387
  • River City Christian College, 29 Rose Street, ECHUCA, 03 5482 4594
  • Shepparton Christian Community School, 155 Verney Road, SHEPPARTON, 03 5831 7790
  • St Andrews Christian College, BURWOOD
  • Sunbury Christian Community College, 27-37 Anderson Road, SUNBURY, 03 9740 5400
  • Victory Christian College, BENDIGO
  • Warracknabeal Christian Community School, Bowman Street, WARRACKNABEAL, 03 5398 1967
  • Waverley Christian College, 1248 High Street Road, WANTIRNA SOUTH, 03 9871 8600
  • Westernport Christian School, 186 Mornington Tyabb Road, TYABB, 03 5977 4818


  • PARALOWIE Bethany Christian School (SA)
  • NORTHGATE Cedar Christian College (SA)
  • CRAIGMORE Christian School (SA)
  • KADINA Harvest Christian School (SA)
  • MURRAY BRIDGE Christian College (SA)
  • MURRAYLANDS Christian College (SA)
  • ETHELTON Portsea Christian School (SA)
  • MORPHETT VALE Southern Vales Christian College (SA)
  • EDITHBURGH Southern York Peninsula Christian College (SA) - Phone Mrs Herreen (08) 8852 6466
  • SOUTH PLYMPTON Tabor Christian College (SA)
  • MILE END Temple Christian College (SA)
  • TYNDALE Christian School (SA)


  • Geneva Christian School (TAS)
  • Trinity Christian College (TAS)


  • ALBANY Bethel Christian School (WA)
  • ARMADALE Dale Christian School
  • BUNBURY Grace Christian School
  • BUSSELTON Cornerstone Christian College
  • COOLGARDIE Christian Aboriginal Parent-Directed School - Coolgardie
  • GIBSON Christian Aboriginal Parent-Directed School - Wongutha
  • HAMILTON HILL New Life College
  • KALGOORLIE Christian Aboriginal Parent-Directed School - Kurrawang , Principal is Mr Grant Little 08 - 9091 2590
  • WAIKIKI Maranatha Christian College


  • NORTH ISLAND Christian Schools

  • NORTH ISLAND Christian Schools

    Christian Sports / Camping Organisation web sites
  • Australian Athletics Chaplaincy
  • Christian Autosport Club of Australia
  • Christian Camping International - Australia
  • Christian Surfers Australia
  • Crusader Camps for Young people
  • Christian Youth Camps

    Christian Support Organisation web sites
  • Australian Baptist World Aid (ABWAid) - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
    Over 85% goes directly to the Child and Aid Projects after admin costs. So that's a super effective use of your donated dollars. Beats World Vision by a long way.

    Melissa Lipsett (Chief Executive) is trying to find sponsors to help 100 new children.
    CAN YOU HELP? Only AUSTRALIAN $1.60 per day ($48 a month) LESS THAN YOUR MORNING COFFEE to change a child's life.

  • African Enterprise - Australia
  • Anglicare NSW Australia
  • Anglicare Counselling Service
  • Baptist Community Services, NSW
  • Care Outreach, QLD
  • Compassion Australia
  • Deaf Ministries International, Victoria
  • Destiny Rescue, Victoria
  • HIKE for HOPE
  • Hungry People (Sponsor a Rickshaw)
  • International Nepal Fellowship
  • Jesus Cares - Meals for Sydney's poor
  • Mercy Ships Australia
  • Micah Challenge - A Global Commitment to the World's Poor
  • Opportunity Australia (sponsoring businesses in the 3rd world)
  • The Salvation Army
  • Samaritans Purse - Operation Christmas Child
  • Sydney City Mission
  • Tear Australia
  • Tribes and Nations, Australia
  • Wesley Mission
  • World Vision Australia

    Evangelistic Websites
  • Ambassadors for Christ, Sydney
  • Acts International, South Aust
  • Alpha Christian Courses
  • Alpha Australia
  • Campus Crusade for Christ Australia
  • Christian Brethren Ministries
  • Christianity.Net.Au
  • in Defence of the Gospel dot com
  • ECOM (Evangelism in the Workplace) Ph (02) 9241-1700
  • Impact Evangelism
  • Jesus - All about Life
  • How to Witness to Mormons
  • Kenneth Copeland Ministries
    My wife have been blessed by the Kenneth Copeland publications for years. Both Ken and Gloria are fantastic Christians. We have learnt a great deal from them.
  • Open Air Campaigners (OAC Ministries)
  • People of God
  • Raychel's Revelations
  • Reality Outreach Ministries, NSW
  • Try Jesus (7th Day Adventist Church)
  • Two Ways to Live

    Evangelistic Websites for Jews
  • Bridges for Peace Australia
  • Celebrate Messiah Australia, Victoria
  • Christians for Israel, Melbourne, Victoria
  • Jewish Bible Fellowship
  • Ebenezer - Operation Exodus
  • Jews for Jesus Ph (02) 9388-0559
  • Society for distributing Hebrew Scriptures

    Mission & Evangelistic Organisations web sites
    Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all the peoples - (Psalms 96v3)

  • Australian Baptist Missionary Society
  • Global Interaction - Baptist Missionary Organisation
  • African Enterprise
  • Xplore the Cause - Cross Cultural Ministry
  • Baptist Bible Translators Institute
  • Australia's Outback Patrol
  • Australia's Bible League
  • The Bush Church Aid Society
  • Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Christian Blind Mission International
  • Christian Services for the Blind
  • Church Missionary Society (Australia)
  • CMS Summer School - Katoomba
  • Coastlands - Reaching the Remote for Jesus
  • Crossroads - Provision of equipment to the 3rd World
  • Easterfest 6-8 April - Australia's Largest Christian Event-Towoomba
  • Ends of the Earth
  • Evangelical Sisterhood of mary, Theresa Park, Sydney
  • Global Recordings Network, Sydney
  • Interserve
  • Ian McCormack's Sydney visit.
  • Metamorphic Global Church Planting
  • Mission Aviation Fellowship
  • MU Australia
  • Operation Mobilisation
  • Open Doors Australia - Mission to the Persecuted
  • People International
  • Pioneers, Victoria
  • SIM ( Serving in Mission ) Australia
  • United with God Ministries
  • Uniting Church - Overseas Aid
  • Voice of the Martyrs

    Christian Friend Finder and Activity web sites
  • Christian Café - some aussies listed
  • Christian Links to Others
  • Christian Match, Australia
  • Christian Soulmates, USA
  • Christian Speed Dating

    Christian Activities
  • James Jacob in Sydney
  • Club Solo (Melbourne) Rev Steve Mitchell
  • Singles for Christ (Parramatta - Sydney)
  • Southern Cross Ski Chalet
  • Oak Hall Christian Tours - United KingdomTrips thru Europe, Africa & Asia.

    Christian Ministries to Women
  • Australian Baptist Women
  • Baptist Women Ministries of QLD
  • Baptist Women Fellowship of NSW
  • Christian Women Communicating International
  • Christian Women Communicating International Website
  • ChristianWomen Org Au
  • Women's Leadership Network

    Christian Youth web sites
  • Awana Clubs Australia (02-9629 3603)
  • Brigades Australia (Boys and Girls)
  • Brightwaters Christian Camp, NSW
  • Child Evangelism Fellowship, Lidcombe, NSW
  • Children for Christ, Penrith, NSW
  • Christian Answers Network In 33 languages
  • Christian Education Publications for Youth (Sydney South)
  • Christian Links for Kids
  • Christian Youth Resources, Australia
  • Clewer Puppets
  • Colouring for Kids
  • JAM Jesus & Me - Ministry for Children
  • Katoomba Youth Convention - Katoomba, NSW
  • Kids Music CD's
  • Kid Explorers:- Family-friendly entertainment/multi-lingual
  • Mission Afloat Tasmania
  • Messups Puppets / Entertainment Presentations
  • My Pocket Scriptures for Children
  • Scripture Union Beach Missions - NSW
  • Scripture Union Family Missions - WA
  • Teach us to Pray
  • Anglican Youth Department (Sydney)
  • Youth Surge (Sydney)
  • Anglican Youth Works (Sydney)
  • Zuigia - Ministry in Sydney High Schools

    International Prophecy and Bloggers Sites
  • Holy Spirit Wind Bitchute site by Jeff Byerly

  • Wings of Prophecy (Glynda Lomax)

  • Hear His Heart (Kevin Barrett)


  • Survive the Earth Changes by Christopher Harris

  • z3news - An excellent US based Prophecy site

  • z3news - An excellent US based Prophecy site

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