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These are the Days of Elijah - Robin Mark and Paul Wilbur

Amazing Grace - Elvis Presley and Chris Tomlin

These are the Days of Elijah

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Amazing Grace - Elvis Presley

Amazing Grace - Chris Tomlin

Amazing Grace sung by Elvis Presley on Youtube. Elvis Presley was clearly one of the biggest stars of the rock-and-roll era. Rock music, rhythm and blues, ballads, and also pop showcased his musical talents and versatile style over many years. However it has been now shown that Elvis Presley's favorite music was gospel. There were many recording sessions with Elvis singing gospel music. Even at home on the piano he often played his favorite gospel music. Elvis Presley completed three gospel albums. In the 1960's it was "His Hand In Mine". Then in 1967 it was "How Great Thou Art" and then in 1971 "He Touched Me". Truly an immense talent and his music still lives today, complete with active and popular imitation artists.

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